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Wakarusa Wave

Wakarusa WaveII-IV (Park & Play)SToo Low
19.5 CFS
[800, 1000, 1100]
-3 hours -34 minutes agoKScamera

River Details

Park n Play spot
Clinton Reservoir Outlet Park, about 400-600yds downstream from the dam, on River Right side. Park near a public bathroom and walk about 200yds to the Park n Play site.
Great moves to be made!!
Caution: Watch for fishermen and hooks Very playful wave at optimal outflow levels of 800-1000 cfs
Class II-III, with nice entry eddies on both sides.
At lower levels of 800 cfs or less the hydraulic is very sticky, deep and almost impossible to escape from. Use extreme caution at lower levels if you decide to try it.. Have some good shore based rescue ready.

More gauges that can be used are as follows:

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