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Trading PostII-IIISToo Low
4.48 Feet
[6.9, 7.4, 7.6]
-3 hours -8 minutes agoKScamera

River Details

7.6 (about 2100 CFS) - highest level for any features. above this level the hole isn't there , just some very minor smooth almost unsurfable waves. < 7.4 - (about 1900 CFS) - best level - both holes are at their biggest and most retentive. Good smooth surf waves at far river right and left. Upper hole is most attainable at this level 6.7 - (about 1200 CFS) - holes are still there but extremely lame and shallow, The eddy is almost too shallow to float in. No surf waves. Best boatable range according to my notes is 6.9 (1300 CFS) to 7.5 (2000 CFS) . Also you might want to put in a note that for rain related levels the gauge is fairly accurate but for dam release events there is a good six to eight hour lag time between the La Cygne guage and the hole. Someone can look at the gauge and simply read the level from 6 hours earlier to get a more accurate reading.

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