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Chain of Rocks

Chain of RocksIII-IV (Park & Play)LHigh NF
13.23 Feet
[0, 6, 10]
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The website for StreamTeach has detailed descriptions and illustrative photos. Ranges from small waves and good play holes along the Missouri banks to big-water wave trains below the Illinois side water tower. Best park-and-play holes and waves (Rookies, Cobblestone, Primo) abut the St. Louis City Water Treatment Plant. Since 9/11 the City enforces trespass prohibitions on its property but leaves play boaters alone who remain in their boats on the Mississippi. One easily avoidable low-water dam danger 100 yards off the water treatment bank is near a good play hole, Salmon Run, formed when the gauge is below nine feet. Typically the Chain is playable from mid-August through November. The StreamTeach message Board is a good place to pick up paddlers who play the river often and know play and danger spots. Warning this area has dangers Please read the accident report before heading out to this site.

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