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Blue River Stanley Gauge

Blue River Stanley GaugeII-IIIMToo Low
3.57 Feet
[5, 8, 12]
-3 hours -21 minutes agoKScamera

River Details

The take out is the Red Bridge Park on Red Bridge Rd and the put in in the park entrance on Blue Ridge Rd by Holmes rd. Watch for strainers and floating debris Good water level is between 5 and 8 ft on the internet gage. The drop leading into Ford Hole now has a very sketchy hazard. The manhole that formed the eddy at the top of the drop on river left has been washed off of the main line. There is now a crazy hole where the manhole was that would kill someone if they end up in it. The manhole box itself has washed down river a short distance and is now a pin hazard. It is also on river left on the eddy line. Run the river through the wave train on the right and these hazards are no concern.

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7 CFS2007-10-13
6.95 Feet2008-06-09
22 cfs2011-10-22
3.35 Feet2011-10-24
3.35 Feet2011-10-30
150 cfs2011-11-12