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6.75 Feet
[4.5, 6, 7]
-3 hours -23 minutes agoAR

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There is a river wide ledge that creates a number of Class II play spots. This is a good location for beginners to learn to ferry and roll and for more advanced paddlers to play when nothing else is running. During the week you can call Entergy at 501-844-2148 and ask if Remmel Dam is generating. Note that it requires 3 hours for the water to fully develop at the ledge after generation starts. During the late summer the dam may only run for 3 hours. The dam typically operates during the peak energy load demand which is late afternoon in the summer so this makes an ideal after work opportunity for those in the Little Rock and Hot Springs areas. Thanks to Ted Smethers for information on this great summertime playspot.

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