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Fisher's Ford

Fisher's FordPLAYM'>Low
2.96 Feet
[2.1, 3.7, 5]
-2 hours -33 minutes agoAR

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This is the only summertime play spot for Northwest Arkansas. If you don't go expecting a big rapid, you won't be disappointed. But it is the only game in town in the dry summer months, and the water is never to low to have some fun and get a workout. It's actually a great spot for beginners to hone their skills and practice rolls, ferries, catching eddies, surfing, etc. It's about the least threatening rapid in the state. The wave/hole varies with natural water flow. At lower levels, a small wave and some decent squirt lines are the attractions. With more water, a small hole forms that can be side surfed. With even more water a larger wave/hole appears and the well defined eddy lines vanish. At the highest water levels, there is still a wave, but the rapid is an e-coli mixing vat, due to a large amount of agricultural waste runoff following heavy rains. Be sure to carry or paddle back up the streambed to the bridge when you're finished playing. The local landowners like their privacy, and have posted the fields around the river. Some will give you permission to cross the fields if you ask in advance, but if you don't have permission, they're probably not going to be happy when they catch you. Please help promote good relationships with local landowners by not blocking roads or paths with your vehicle and by not trespassing on streamside property.

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