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Kansas River @ I-435

Kansas River @ I-435III-IVLLow
1910 CFS
[1000, 6000, 10000]
-2 hours -56 minutes agoKScamera

River Details

2,000 cfs - minimum for adequate play / 3,000-6,000 cfs - optimum play / 8,000-10,000 cfs - maximum before washing out CAUTION: Stay well away from the far river right side where the water inlet is located. Driving Directions: From I-70, Take I-70 to the western I-435 loop, head south on I-435 Take Woodend RD. exit and park along the street next to the vacant lot by the Peterbilt Plant. Access off Woodend Rd, just West of the Peterbilt Truck Shop. Hike in (~1/3 mile) along the West edge of the Peterbilt Truck Shop parking area. Be courteous of the Peterbilt property. Alternative Access Via Mill Creek put in. Take I-70 to the western I-435 loop, head south on I-435 Take Holiday Exit just south of Kansas River. Head west and follow signs to Mill Creek Stream way access via Nelson Island. Boat down to rock weir, portage along river left side of weir and put back in below the weir. To get back to Nelson Island, portage up the dam, again along the river left side, and paddle back upstream to the put in.

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4000 CFS2007-10-14
1700 cfs2014-03-15
38000 cfs2014-06-11