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Kansas River @ Lawrence

Kansas River @ LawrenceII-IIILLow
1620 CFS
[1000, 2000, 3000]
-2 hours -52 minutes agoKScamera

River Details

Bowersock Park n Play spot Park in the parking lot off Locust and N. 2nd St. Put in below the dam and levee on Elm St. 1000-2000CFS is a good range to play in. Exercise caution when around the dam. Flood control doors may drop at any time and without warning. Do not boat around the top of the dam. Water coming over top of the dam can create deadly hydraulics and extreme caution should be used when boating around the dam especially during times of high water. The calm water pool at the put in is great for beginner or warm up practice. The rock ledge running from the dam to the island makes good eddy lines, some small surf waves and good ferry practice Best surf waves are below the dam power house on the river right side. Caution should be used due to turbulent water created by the turbines in the power house. Avoid getting to close to the buildings.

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8000 to 10 cfs2008-08-10
9000 cfs2013-08-10