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Date: 2007-10-13
River: Blue River Stanley Gauge
Level: 7 CFS

First Trestle - good squirt line as usual. Small warm up surf wave on far river right First Rapid - Big tree stuck on upper ledge hole. It's about 50 yrds below the big smooth surf wave. It will probably flush off if we get a little more high water. The river left ledge hole is great. Nice exit in the middle and James and I were each spinning a corner. Not very threatening. The river right hole has a branch from the tree messing that up as a play hole. Small surfs below in a pretty pushy wave train. Trestle- no waves , usual good squirt line. Powerline - big waves were there at the top and the usual good hole was a wash but a very fast and narrow surf wave is below. Three Humps- It's 2 1/2 humps at this level. Top wave is totally smooth and fairly easy to stay on. Second hump is breaking and is also a good extended surf. Ford Hole - Waves above were surfable but hard to catch on the fly in pretty pushy water. The hole itself is most easily caught from above on river left. Can be done from river right but it is hard to stop in the hole because you are going so fast. The sweetspot is pretty narrow. James spun. Surf Rapid - Pretty much sucks - There is a huge log jamb dividing the water into two channels. Most goes right , forms a pretty good breaking wave for surfs but has s really ugly strainer pile about 30 yrds down. Pretty clean line on far river left tho. Last ledge- Smooth or breaking wave all the way across, no hole.