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Date: 2011-10-30
River: Blue River Stanley Gauge
Level: 3.35 Feet

Oct. 30, 2011 No real rain for 2 months Blue River Stanley Gauge Height 3.35' @ .03 cfs Blue River Bannister Rd Gauge Height 4.7' @ 32 cfs Floated from 63rd street to the MO river. Put in around 10:30am Got out around 6pm 2 12' touring kayaks taken on the float This river is not recommended from 12th street to the MO river unless you like bums and the smell of shit. From 63rd to 12th street this river is pretty awesome even with the low water. Numerous shoots and rough water patches along the way. Never really had to portage our boats for the entire float. We thought we were gonna float upstream on the MO river to riverside park..... you better be shredded if you plan on attempting that my friends!