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Date: 2011-11-12
River: Blue River Stanley Gauge
Level: 150 cfs

Floated from near the pool in swope park to truman road. (took about 4 hrs) Bannister Road gauge @ 4.8 feet approx. 150 cfs. The only thing about this float I would change is I would get out alot sooner. A great spot to get out would be where brush creek spills into the blue river. You could leave a vehicle on Coal Mine Road right there. Or you could get out at blue parkway as well. If you made the float this long it would be maybe 2 hours of FUN! I'm talking shoot after shoot. This is doable at 50 cfs. Is SWEET at 150 cfs. I haven't had a chance to hit it after a rain when it's really up yet. I'll let ya'll know when I do though!