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Date: 2013-08-10
River: Kansas River @ Lawrence
Level: 9000 cfs

For August 10, 2013. With the north shore power plant and dam modifications complete, Bowersock play has completely changed. The dam modifications include inflatable bladders to control flow at the dam. We are finding different play features coming in and out at the same flow, depending on where the water is routed. USGS now has a gauge at Lawrence, which can be found at: The levels for this report are from the Lawrence gauge. A nice big fast diagonal wave forms up at about 7500 to 10,000cfs (foam pile 2 to 4 feet). This is catch on the fly and is tough to catch due to the angle, occasional flushiness / pulsation, and current speed. A long paddle / eddy is required to get back up to the current entry point. Wave is soft and fluffy and a great ride. Similar to Mill Creek at 10 feet, but a lot harder to catch and stay on. We were getting huge bounce and wild carving rides, with some 180s, side surfs, and back surfs. No 360s yet due to flushiness and the tendency for it to push one off the surfer's left shoulder, due to downstream momentum. Thinking that blunts, 360s, loops, and other moves are possible. Use extreme caution near the dam at the nasty terminal hole. A lot of boils and squirrelly fast eddy lines to cross to set up in the current. Bombproof roll required. Swimming not an option near the dam.