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Date: 2014-06-11
River: Kansas River @ I-435
Level: 38000 cfs

Big water day on the Kaw. Backwater was about 8 feet higher than normal. Still enough gradient for some fast moving slots of Class 4 water. Two hard to catch surf waves, fast moving with small sweet spots, still fun. Lots of debris and huge logs to dodge in the current and the eddies. Numerous wild eddies and boil lines to navigate. The far south chute is choked with logs and debris, causing most of the flow on that side to go north of the island. This slot was runnable; I hit a good sized hole on the sketchy line I took; stopped my dead flat from 30 mph. Able to paddle out. Helluva day; great group of boaters; best adrenaline buzz in a damn long time. --Adventure Dave--