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Date: 2007-10-17
River: Mill Creek @ 87th St
Level: 4500 cfs

Mill Creek located at 87th Place in Western Johnson County. Wave starts to form at around below 1000cfs and gets better as the flow raises. Highest has been 5000cfs and the wave was still there but smaller. Optimum level appears to be 4000-5000cfs. Good eddy service from river right, river left eddy service is more crowded with debris and at higher water less of an eddy. Perfect wave form that doesn't seem to want to peril the front of your boat down, but lets you surf with ease. At 4000+cfs the wave is deep enough to pull cartwheels, backstabs etc if you are high on the foam pile. At 4000+CFS the wave gets really bouncy and requires much more skill to surf, but still offers full front, back, and side surfs etc. Cautions are the partially submerged trees and tree branches in the river and the bridge pilers just downstream. This is also the start of the run with takeouts at Shawnee Mission Park or other Stream Way access points on the Mill Creek Trail.