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Toy Boat Regatta (event)

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 1:45 pm
by cavedave
On Saturday May 23, 2015 the 1st annual Toy Boat Regatta is happening at Kessler Park Pond in Kansas City Missouri.
This is a community, family, and child friendly event, running home made toy boats on the lake.
Located at Cliff drive and Chestnut Trafficway.
11AM to 9PM.
Meet the neighbors, build community, there are several groups supposed to be involved, all kinds are welcome.
Among the goals is to jump start new and existing boating enthusiasm, make new friendships to go boating.

This is instigated by my friend Roger Macbride with a goal of getting people together to go run rivers. Today's young folks are discovering what many of us have been doing for years, let's get together and make things happen, building community.
If you can build a toy boat, remote control, bring it to put on the small lake. There (is supposed) to be food, refreshments, and free prizes. Play at the lake.
It is also a trash cleanup at the lake, volunteer of you want to.
Sponsored by the "Brown Water Navy", whatever that is.

For More info Roger has posted on Facebook, he says just search some of these terms and it will show up.
With permission I am posting Roger's phone number 816 616 4503.
If you have questions or can help sponsor the event you can call Roger.