New to KS, looking for paddlers...

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New to KS, looking for paddlers...

Post by bioboatr » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:58 am

Hello KWA,

I'm an experienced whitewater kayaker who has recently (well, 2 years ago) moved to Lawrence, KS. I'm looking for opportunities and partners for paddling on whitewater. I'm happy for suggestions for places to consider and also invitations to get out of town and boat elsewhere. Though I'll admit a new job & daughter have seriously restricted my aquatic activities lately.

I'm particulary intersted in info regarding the wakarusa hole, since it is so close. What levels are prime, and what gauges do you use? I also paddle a surf-ski on the Kaw and Clinton lake if anyone wants to train on flat water in long, fast boats .

To give a little background, I have 10+ years of whitewater experience, mostly on the east coast, including many years as ACA certified instructor. At my prime I regularly paddled class 4 & some 5, though those years are gone. I love to playboat and river run.

Thanks, Jamie

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Re: New to KS, looking for paddlers...

Post by KUKayaker » Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:57 pm

Welcome Jamie,

If you are in lawrence, the wakarusa (which runs very infrequently) and bowersock right below the powerplant are going to be your best bets. I used to boat bowersock but haven't been there in years since the new construction so maybe one of the Lawrence people can post more details. While there are gauges for the wakarusa they are miles downstream and the feature is totally dependent on the corps letting water off Clinton lake. There's a pretty small window of about 1000 CFS +- 100 that is playable. There are other runs like Mill Creek or the Blue river in KC that are easier to catch then of course the ozarks.
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Re: New to KS, looking for paddlers...

Post by Fish » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:10 pm has some good info on AR ozark runs. Old crappy web site, but look around and there's a lot of good info. This is particularly helpful:

We're in the summer now, but it's been a wet one (record rainfall in May / June) so it's possible rains might jack up some good runs in AR/MO. Watch the radar and pray hard. Around here, the Blue offers good play after a pretty heavy rain, but it's the only really high quality run I've found... and not too easy to catch. Typically July/August/September runs around here basically never happen. Therefore, I drive to Denver every chance I get. :)

Welcome to the area and watch this board and for folks going out to paddle with.

- Fish

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Re: New to KS, looking for paddlers...

Post by blair » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:05 pm

Hello Jamie,

I would be interested in meeting and paddling. I playboat and flatwater paddle, and I am in Lawrence.
My flatwater boat is a 17' tsunami, so not as fast as your surfski. It would be fun to go out sometime.

Waka wave is surfable at 1000cfs through Sunday, if you can go tomorrow, 9/27.


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