WS ACE 4.7

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WS ACE 4.7

Post by jdstamp » Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:23 am

Well used play boat, no cracks, oil canning or otherwise compromised. This boat has lived almost all of its life on southeastern rivers where I grew up. I have a ton of gear to outfit a new paddler, all sized Med. Werner paddle(194), shred ready helmet, LC-1 and a J-Lo skirt (pick one), med semidry top, flotation, throw bag, extra foam and outfitting. You could get a smaller paddler (<160 lbs and <5'10") almost totally outfitted with boat and gear for under $500.
I also have a older custom rescue vest that I had made by Lotus Designs before they got bought out by Patagonia. Grad degrees do tend to squash ones dreams of going back to guiding, so this should also go. email me if you want pics or to haggle.

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