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Got Bit

Post by Shane » Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:50 pm

My wife, and I just returned from Monterey Bay California about a week ago, and while I was there I decided to take the local Kayaking Tour.
I had a blast, and enjoyed every minute of it.

The Kayaks they rented out were your set on top style kayaks, and after talking with the tour guide for about an hour or so about them. I really liked the idea of how easy they are to get in and out of.
So now that Im shopping around the sit on kayaks are what I have mainly been looking at. But I noticed that most of the local shops, and even the photos from the KCKA event are mostly the set in type kayaks.

Is there a reason most people around here dont use the sit on type kayaks? Is it just because availabilty, or because of other reasons?

There is a chance I may be picking my first kayak up tomorrow, and I really look forward to meeting you all at the KCKA events.


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Post by TJ » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:26 am

Hi Shane,

The reason that a lot of folks do not use the sit-on-top kayaks is:

1) Many of us paddle in the early spring and late fall months when the water is bone cold. Sit-on-tops are notoriously wet and cold at that time because you are essentially sitting in water most of the time.

2) Your legs are not protected and it can be very difficult to keep your body temps up. Sit-on-tops are mostly fair weather boats.

3) Last, come time to brace and roll, the sit-on-tops are not very roll friendly.

That being said, I'm sure will have great time on a river/lake no matter what type of boat you select. I hope you can join us at our 2007 Fall Rendezvous. Should be great fun,

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